Jaipuri Multi-coloured boho designer bag

$75 $99

This designer multi colored handbag inspired by Italian craftsmanship features a blend of traditional Jaipuri designs and a touch of boho vibes. Made with high quality fabric, this bag with woven handles standout for their intricate embroidery exhibiting the rich tapestry of Indian culture. What makes this bag more interesting is the colorful mango motif, which is a symbol of eternity and fertility. 

The fabric, colors, detailing, and embroidery embody the fine craftsmanship of the tribal communities of India who have created this exquisite boho handbag. Accessorize any outfit with this stylish bag that comes with a shoulder strap and zipped pocket to keep one’s personal belongings.

Size & Fit
Length - 34
Height - 34
Depth - 16
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