Manalla is inspired by the uniqueness of modern women. A woman has thousands of shades and colors and yet every woman is unique, we celebrate her uniqueness and blend it in our collection with our handcrafted collection of unique designs and colors.

Our mission is to help women express themselves freely and live a fashionable life through our artful collection of designer and luxurious handbags. We understand that every person is unique in its own way and so are their styles. At Manalla, we celebrate diversity trapped within every woman and give wings to her thoughts with our artful designs and diverse collections. Manalla, specializes in bohemian embroidered handheld bags, clutches, wallets, sling bags and pom-pom bags that come in variety of colors and patterns to fit into your lifestyle.


We use the most eco-friendly material to reduce our carbon footprint because we take responsibility for the world we live in and try and make it a better place one bag at a time. We do not overstock and create some of our collection on order. We recreate fashion to Celebrate your uniqueness maintaining the quality and authenticity, we have renowned designers from various forte from around the world to work with us. When the genius & creative minds are put together to explore the possibilities, the end result are bound be mesmerizing.


Why Manalla?

Our ideology to create something unique and durable sets us apart. We want you to create a wardrobe full of creative designs & beautiful colors. We help you create a lifestyle that is a visual treat and becomes your identity. We have successfully mixed fashion with utility and the end result is in front of you in form of our mesmerizing collection of embroidered handbags that can accompany you wherever you want.

Keeping in mind that trends change every month and the fashion for women is ever evolving, we provide you wide range of designs to help you chose the one that connects with your soul We do not believe in limiting the creativity and confining ourselves to a set patter of art and designs.


With the help of our secure payment options, timely delivery, latest designs and very helpful customer support team, shopping at Manalla is super fun and easy for you. Welcome to the Manalla family and recreate yourself.